Jelly Wall Quilt


Modern art wall quilt | JELLY | Mid-century, colorful, abstract, improv. Modern textile wall art. Green, Purple, Blue, Red plus gray ombre. 31” x 32”

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JELLY Modern wall quilt 31 by 32 inches

This modern art wall quilt has a minimal, improv design with mid-century appeal.  Color boxes in green, purple, red/pink and blue in a four-square grid.  Each box is framed by a gray ombre with a white grid outline.  This graphic and bold wall art will bring a pop of color and modern design to any room in your home.

I used variegated thread to stitch closely spaced parallel lines across the width of the wall quilt. This dense quilting adds another layer of design and textural interest to this modern textile wall hanging. The cotton batting and horizontal quilting lines give the wall hanging form and structure, allowing it to hang flat and square against the wall.  Corner pockets and a hanging sleeve on the back allow for easy wall display. You will need a wooden dowel (round or flat slat) cut to 30 inches. Thread the dowel through the hanging sleeve and tuck dowel ends into corner pockets. Hang on the wall by setting the dowel on small nails or pushpins.

After construction, the wall quilt was machine washed in cold, tumble dried on low for 10 minutes, then removed from the dryer while partially damp and laid flat to air dry. If you continue this care, no further shrinkage will occur.


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