I began my quilting journey in the summer of 2013. My mom had recently passed away and my sister and I wanted to memorialize her by finding a way to preserve and treasure her large collection of African fabrics. Transforming these fabrics into quilts that our family could use and cherish presented itself as a way to honor her and keep her close to us. With some apprehension, I started on the task of making quilts from her African gowns and fabric stash to share with my family that Christmas. The biggest gift and surprise along the way was discovering how much I actually enjoyed the process.

Memory Quilt from my mother’s African fabrics

Discovering the world of modern quilting was key in sparking and keeping my interest. Seeing all the modern quilts out in the world, I started to think about quilt design more as abstract art than as traditional quilting block forms. Of course, I still sometimes use traditional quilt blocks and construction methods in my quilting, but when coming up with my own designs, I rarely start with an idea for a traditional “quilt block.”

One of the joys of quilt making is the chance to work with color and fabric every day. Many of my original quilt designs are inspired by the print fabrics I work with. I also love working with solids to create unique color palettes for quilts. Color has the power to communicate mood and energy. I try to take advantage of this power to shape the spirit of the quilt with the colors I choose. I really enjoy working in a broad spectrum of color – from bold and bright to quiet neutrals and (my favorite) unexpected color combinations.

In terms of design, I am drawn to geometric, graphic, simple and abstract patterns. I like to play with the ideas of shadow and shading, color gradients, and lines created by dissimilar elements meeting. I adore working with curves and circles.

All of my quilts are handcrafted in my non-smoking, pet-free quilting studio. They are made with premium cotton fabric, unbleached cotton batting and highest quality thread. I strive to create beautiful, durable, skillfully made heirlooms that will be lavishly loved and last a lifetime.

Care: Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry, low heat; or air dry flat if you prefer. Quilts are machine washed and dried after construction, so you don’t need to worry about any additional shrinkage when you wash and dry your new quilt.

Due to the nature of my products – bedding – I am not able to accept returns or exchange an item once it has been shipped. Please read item descriptions and examine the photos carefully. I also recommend measuring out the dimensions of the item as stated in the description to get a visual understanding of how the size will fit in its intended space. If there is any doubt in your mind that could be resolved by asking a question, please ask (contact me)! Also, I will happily provide additional photos or a fabric swatch by mail if that will make your decision easier. I want you to be delighted with your purchase and will do whatever I can to help you select the right quilt for you.

My finished quilt inventory is constantly changing. And I can create a custom quilt based on any design you see in my shop. With a custom quilt, you choose the design, colors and size that work for you and your home.

Thanks for looking!